Samui Renong would like to introduce Spaco, products from pure coconut oil, manufactured with selected quality coconuts of Koh Samui and loved by Thais and foreigners alike living on the island. Our manufacturing processes are organic and without heat. We have passed the following standards:

  • Ministry of Industry's Local Product Certificate: มผช. No. 30967-22/670
  • Organic Thai Standard
  • Five-star OTOP

Virgin Coconut Oil

This is pure coconut oil, extracted with cold processes. No heat is involved during manufacturing. Its properties are thus perfectly preserved. It contains vitamin E, and is good for health.

Hair Treatment Oil

Spaco Perfect Plus is made of naturally extracted coconut oil and bergamot. It protects hairs from dryness and split ends, hair roots from weakness, and scalp from itch, while also thickening hairs, giving it more volume.

Hair Serum

Spaco Hair Serum is a concentrated hair coating essence. It smoothens hairs, thus facilitating hair styling, and protects them from sunlight.

Natural Oil Lotion

This is a liquid skin moisturizing lotion made of coconut, sunflower, and jojoba oils. It also protects skin from UV light, and leaves no gluey feel after applying.

Natural Cream Lotion

Spaco Skin Lotion, made of coconut oil, moisturizes skin and protects it from skin-damaging UV light. Tocotrienols in the oil helps soften and smoothen skin, and prevents premature aging.

Twin Pro E Serum

Pure coconut oil with natural vitamin E in the form of 60% concentrated d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate and beta-carotene prevents premature aging of skin, inhibits skin inflammation and rash caused by sun or chemical exposure, moisturizes, and brightens skin.

Coconut Soap

Pure coconut oil soap is natural, fragrance-free, and sudsy. It deep-cleans while retaining skin's natural moisture, suitable for allergic skin

Lip Balm

Coconut oil cream moisturizes lips.

Coco Scrub

Body scrub made from coconut meat, and walnuts. Use of natural granular surface. It will actually help to remove all dead skin of your body and expose a supple layer of skin brightening and nourishing.